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Relieve Your Post Baby Back Ache

Your back bears a lot of load. Pregnancy adds pressure on the lower spine. And after delivery, your back becomes weak with wear and tear. Post delivery, it is important to follow a regime to take the stress off your back. Here are some simple tips.

5 Ways to Treat Post Baby Back Ache.

Bend your knees: Don’t curl your body to pick up things. This adds pressure on the spine. By bending your knees, the pressure is transferred to the legs.

Don’t hunch: We tend to slouch when sitting idle. It’s important to remember your posture even when you are sitting down to breastfeed your baby, changing nappies or even bending down to look at him.

Exercise: Strengthen your core muscles with exercise. This includes your pelvis and torso. Pilates is a great option to work on these muscles. But wait till you regain your strength after delivery.

Comfort your back: Often a stiff mattress brings on chronic back pain. Changing your mattress can relieve you of much pain. Also put a pillow below your knees when sleeping. This gives support to the spine.

Avoid weights: Don’t pick heavy weights right after delivery as they only add to your back woes. Also if you lift your baby in the right arm, try alternating to the left and vice versa. This will ease the pressure on your side.


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