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Is Sex During Pregnancy Safe?

Now that you are pregnant, sex is going to be different. While some experience a heightened libido during this time, others feel guilty about the act and avoid it completely. Here are some details on what you should know about pregnancy sex:

Will it hurt my baby?

Sex in normal pregnancy does not affect the baby. Your baby is in the cervix, which is sealed with a thick mucus plug. Also she is surrounded by a protective amniotic fluid, which keeps her safe. You should worry only when your amniotic fluid leaks as it increases the chance of infection to the child. You should abstain from sex in such a case. If your pregnancy is not normal then you need to be careful. Your cervix may open up before the baby is ready to be born or the placenta may be lying too low. In such a situation, consult your doctor before having sex.

Can I have oral sex?

Oral sex is a great alternative during pregnancy as long as it does not involve gymnastics! But remember, pregnancy hormones increase vaginal secretions, so your partner may not like the taste or smell of it. Also make sure he does not blow inside your vagina, as that could be fatal for your baby.

My libido is an overdrive, is this alright?

Your hormones are raging during pregnancy. So it is normal to experience a sexual overdrive. But the opposite may also happen. One day you are craving sex, the next day you might be put off by sex. Pregnancy related problems such as nausea and tiredness may also alter your libido.

Why doesn’t my partner want to have sex?

Men become protective of their pregnant wives. They see your pregnancy as an ultimate symbol of your feminity. They will feel closer to you than ever before. They will be preoccupied in keeping you healthy and relaxed. If sex is the sacrifice for this, they are ready to make it! But for some men, their pregnant wives appear increasingly sexy. They like to express their happy feelings towards their wives sexually.

Why does my vagina feel swollen and sensitive?

Your uterus received the maximum blood flow during pregnancy. Swelling occurs when the blood circulation from legs to the heart is obstructed by the growing uterus. It is temporary and nothing to worry about.

Does an orgasm harm the baby?

An orgasm in fact makes your baby happy. It releases happy hormones, which is also felt in the uterus. And for you, pregnancy may just give you multiple orgasms! Because of your raised hormone levels, you will find it easier to climax.

You may find sex uncomfortable in the later stages of pregnancy. But enjoy while it lasts!


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