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Pregnancy is a great time emotionally but looking stylish can pose a problem to all trendy mums, especially when it comes to wearing jeans. Maternity jeans are not such a good option as they have a loose fit and cost a bomb. Here’s how you can fit into your normal pre-pregnancy jeans with a bit of alterations. Here’s how to fit into those denims.

Buying a pair of maternity jeans can set you back by more than Rs 2,000. Here are some smart ways to fit into your old denims.

  • PS: you will need some stitching skills or a local tailor to help you out. A snip here and a tuck there – and these jeans will fit you till five months of pregnancy!


  • Panty hose them: Buy or use an old panty hose or sheer stockings that have an attached underwear part. Cut the leg section, so you have a big band of spandex. Now cut the band and button part of your jeans and stitch the spandex to it.


  • Make maternity jeans: To make proper maternity jeans. Take a piece of stretchy cotton cloth that can cover your belly and stitch it to make a band. Now cut off the band and button part of your jeans. Remove the zipper and sew that part of the denims. Stitch the cotton material on top of the denims.
Use Your Old Jeans During Pregnancy

  • Bigger hoop: This can help if you wear long tops or kurtis. Extend the loops in your denims by adding an adjustable elastic loop in place of the slip (where you close the button).


  • Try jeggings: Jeggings are a great option to wear as they are comfy and stretchy. Buy them in bright colours to emulate the coloured denims trend.


  • Old lycra tee: Remember those old super stretchy lycra teeshirts? Well they can help. Just cut them right below the bust section and stitch them to your jeans (after cutting the band part). If you feel the tee is still loose add some elastic too.

Did you also try and make maternity denims? Tell us how.


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