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What Happens in a Twin Pregnancy

Two children grow in the uterus, the body of the pregnant woman, of course is more burdened. But in the first few weeks, she adapts to it: The blood volume increases, the uterus is larger. Therefore, weight gain in the first period of pregnancy is a sign that twins are okay. By the twelfth week, some twin mothers have already gained about twelve pounds. Until the birth of children, there are usually 17-20 pounds (for a child is eight to 13 kilos).

Due to the increased physical stress twin mothers have pregnancy symptoms but more often:

  • At the beginning of pregnancy, many suffer from morning sickness.
  • The skin of the abdomen usually begins to itch in the second month, because it is stretched already.
  •  Because the children are flattening the stomach, pregnant twin mothers have frequent heartburn. In late pregnancy, many only eat small portions.
  • Problems with digestion are normal.
  •  Shortness of breath is due to the many extra pounds also very often. The cycle is more loaded. Sitting, standing or lying down is harder.
  • The nights are getting restless, because lying on the fat belly is heavy.
  • Fluid retention and varicose veins do some more to create twin mothers.
  • For multiple births, the risk of eclampsia (toxemia) is greater.

Expectant mothers, multiple births should therefore pay attention to the following:

  • Twin mothers need to drink more. The best glass of water every hour. This is the best means of blood pressure and the risk of preeclampsia in a low.
  • Because of the higher physical activity and potential risks, you should treat yourself plenty of rest.
  • Twin mothers should be just like any other expectant mothers watch their diet. Importance of a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and dairy products.
  • Fearing that too much weight gain, you should diet. You do not need to eat for three. Despite a balanced diet, twin pregnancies can lead to deficiencies. Many doctors recommend that you take iodine and iron supplements.
  • Avoid risk of preterm labor by overexertion and stress. In particular the seventh and eighth are critical. Rest in order to avoid a premature birth. Some women can have complete bed rest from 28 week.
  • Even with twins, there are marked individual differences. Make sure to measure your body carefully and know your feelings to find out how much cope with.


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