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Sudden Weight Gain

14 pounds during pregnancy are normal

The woman during pregnancy sees more weight on the scale and it increases rapidly! It is for good reasons, the uterus which weighs about one kilogram before the birth needs to prepare to hold a 3000-3500 gram baby plus about 500 grams of the placenta, amniotic fluid etc. Also growing breast, increased amount of blood the body outsources and water in tissues add up to this pound piling.

These water resources serve as a buffer in case the tissues are removed – for example, to compensate for acute blood loss. The reserves also ensure that a woman can breastfeed after birth, without drinking a lot of water. Normally, a pregnant woman gains about half a pound per month. Of this amount, in the first three months, only about 50 grams is the unborn child. The rest is divided between the fetal support system, ie placenta and amniotic fluid, uterus, heavier breasts and the increased blood volume.

During the second trimester of pregnancy a woman puts on about six pounds. About a kilo of these relate to the child. In last months about five pounds are added again. On average, that makes it about 14 pounds – and that is quite normal.

Caution: Excessive weight gain within a few days could be due to blood pressure or urine infections. Consult a doctor immediately.

Overview: That extra weight and where it is going during pregnancy

Where do those
extra pounds go




Weight of the child


3500 grams


Reserves of the mother


2000 grams


Placenta (afterbirth)


500 grams


Amniotic fluid


1000 grams




1500 grams


Growth of the breast (250 grams)


500 grams


Increased blood formation


2000 grams


Fluid retention


3000 grams








14 000 grams




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