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Avoid Early Morning School Rush

If you are branded “chronically late”, a few simple steps can help you speed up the process and make sure your kids reach school in time.

Stick to your routine: Teach your child to brush her teeth before taking a bath. Give breakfast after bath. Stick to a routine that suits you best. This way your child will master her morning tasks quickly as she will learn from the familiar pattern.

Prepare for contingencies: Keep an umbrella, raincoat, extra sweaters ready beforehand in case bad weather strikes.

Find a place for her things: Keep shoes, socks, belts, tie, i-card together in one designated corner every night before you sleep. Also make sure your child’s bag is packed at night and put with the other things at night.

Prepare for lunch: If you cook the sabzi the night before and refrigerate it, the morning load would be lighter. You would just have to make roti or rice. If you are making paranthas, make sure the potatoes are steamed, mashed and seasoned at night and refrigerated.

Extra uniform: Keep her sports uniform ironed and ready always as she might suddenly remember in the morning that she has to wear a different uniform today!

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