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Does Your Child Have Musical Talent

And how do they find the right instrument and the right teacher? An interview with a music teacher for all your music queries.

Should every child learn an instrument?

No. Some children are physically agile that they act out their desire to move better through sports. But singing, dancing and clapping are essential in every child’s life.

When should you begin instrumental lessons?

Best to start learning by school age. But of course you can also begin until nine years or later.

How can I find out which instrument is appropriate for my child?

The child’s choice plays a crucial role.

But there are certain limitations. One you cannot start at any age with any instrument. Wind instruments for example are suitable only after ten to twelve years. Secondly I highly recommend that troubled children learn flute or percussion stringed instrument. As violin, viola and cello require a lot of perseverance and patience.

How can parents support their child, even if they have no musical experience?

It does not matter whether parents can play an instrument or whether they have knowledge. Crucial are the love of music and interest in the learning stages and experiences of the child. It take time, so listen to the child, and always praise and encourage.

How do you find a good music teacher?

Music schools work through music teachers at school or by word-of-mouth advertising. Some schools have highly gifted teachers. In any case, you should arrange for trial lessons.

What instrument will suit my child?

Recorder: If the typical beginner’s instrument. The technique is easy to learn, the children can see results quickly. Recorders are particularly suitable to play music in the group. Children can play quite a lot of songs soon. The acquisition is favorable.

Percussion: Children who are particularly enthusiastic about rhythm, percussion instruments will enjoy this. Especially attractive: As they are used by most pop and rock bands so they have a charm. You can start with a drum and learn the percussion piece by piece.

Piano and Keyboard: Most of the children like their sound and game variety. Again, there are all styles of music. The piano requires manual dexterity and endurance. Those who do not exercise enough will, would not see results. Advantage of a keyboard: it is significantly cheaper and less bulky than a piano.

Saxophone, trumpet, clarinet: These instruments are now in fashion among girls. However, they require an adequate lung volume and a good lip work.

Violin and cello string instruments require manual dexterity in addition to a good ear. Moreover, discipline is needed, because just at the beginning, the sounds are unimpressive.

Guitar: It is the ideal accompaniment. Even simple chords sound nice. This guitar has comforted many young people in emotional crises.

(Stefan Flemmerer, head of the private music school Haidhausen-Munich)


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