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Looking For The Right Hobby

Singing, dancing, karate or gardening; there are one too many options. Whatever it is, children do well when they discover that it is fun. It is an interest that arouses the curiosity and gives them the peace of mind.

Answer the questions

“What is the difference between sun and planets?”, “How was the camera made?”, “Why do the leaves fall from the tree?” – Answer such questions as best as you can. Does your child want to know more about a specific topic, make him read books from the school library and inculcate his interest?

Share your hobby

You love to cook for guests or love to tinker with your car? Show your child how much fun it is, and make them share your hobby. Explain how to create a knitting pattern, or let him cook on Sundays for the family or inspect the car for rust spots. Assuming that your child wants to do it too.

Go to people

Whenever you go out of town show him different things. Like cattle or truckes. Use this opportunity to make speak to him to others. This helps the child know about different people and their and work. The fireman, environmentalists, street performers. People, who love their work, can infect others with their enthusiasm. Granted – this tip is something more for extroverts. Not everyone dares to approach strangers. Kids are often less shy. Let’s ask her. Then maybe even a sample sitting in fire engine might happen.


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