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Make Your Child Do Their Own Homework

Make it a habit to not offer any assistance so that they will help themselves.

1. Explain to your child that you trust: Tell him to work independently, but say, “If you get stuck, you can ask me.”

2. Offer him a check result: “If you want, I will look at your work later.”

3. Praise the interim results! This motivates a very insecure child.

4. Always ask first and let him help himself: How have you calculated the sum?” Or: “How do you know?”

5. Present a fresh approach if your child does not know what to do.

6. Give specific instructions if your child is on the wrong track: “You have got 15 but try something else.” Or divide tasks into subtasks.

7. Pull back, if you feel that your child can go on their own.

8. Connect smaller gaps in knowledge always in consultation with the teacher. This avoids confusion.

9. Limit intensive practice on exceptions such as after a long illness and difficult lessons. If you make your child take several learning steps, make sure that you know that your child will not retain it all.


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