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Prepare Your Child For School

We as parents want our children to do well in schools but starting school is a huge landmark in the overall development of a child. It is very important for every parent to know how to prepare their kids for school success.

You would be surprised to know that even if your child isn’t going to school, you can still prepare him or her for school success by imparting positive effect on their education. For improving the educational experience of your child in kindergarten, you can prepare them with learning techniques. Check out the strategies below to ensure that your child is well-equipped even before beginning their academic career:

Turn learning into play
Names, colors, alphabets in funny and unexpected places look attractive to young children. Help your child to find them on cereal boxes, billboards, shampoo bottles, etc. Even the ABC game helps in building your child’s early literacy and learning skills in a great way.

Be a role model
Why not act as a role model for your child? Talk to your child about what you are learning on job and read to them regularly. You can even take up community education to show your kids that learning is a lifelong activity.

Encourage early literacy
Inculcate the habit of reading in your child. Always keep plenty of books in your home, in car or anywhere where you can spend quality time with your kids. Take trips to the local library with kids.

Set play dates with parents of preschoolers and make discussions with them. Check out community centers that offer free events for young children. Allow your child to spend time with other children as this would help in social and emotional development of your child and definitely help in preparing them for the school environment.

Talk about your options with others
If you wish to enroll your child in a preschool, make sure you visit several local schools with them. Talk about your options and programs with teachers, students, and parents of other students. If any program proves successful in preparing students, you can ask them to recommend it to others.

Add variety in learning process of your child
You can take suggestions from librarian on variety of books and music that can be helpful in overall development of children. Moreover music and books of different genres can encourage early literacy.

Make learning fun
You would be glad to read that you can incorporate leaning into your child’s day in number of ways like blocks, music, puzzles, plays, games, etc. But before introducing these activities to your children make sure they contain educational content only.

By intentionally including educational experiences in your family day-to-day life and being actively involving in your child’s school activities, you would set up your child for a successful educational career.


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