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Summer Camp Is Great For Kids

Summer Camps are great… but why are they important?

They have been viewed as an ideal environment for learning and self exploration. They expose your kids to the opportunity to engage their imagination.

Here are top 5 reasons why summer camps are great!

1. To Experience And Explore:
A summer camp is a great way to gain experience. It is an opportunity for kids to learn that they can endure outside the home without their parents. There are many exciting places and fun activities to discover in a camp, where one can get lost in the fun and adventure. It’s a great idea to give your kids an experience of being on their own. It takes them out of their comfort zones and offers them fun, excitement and lessons that last for a life time.

2. To Boost Self-Confidence and Instill Leadership Skills:
It can help your child in developing important life skills. It provides a safe environment, where children gain self confidence as they learn new skills. When kids are at camp, they don’t have their parents there to support or help them. They have to put themselves out there. It teaches them important leadership skills and makes them feel empowered. It’s a time of discovery and self-improvement, the outcomes of which stay with them – forever!

3. To Get Healthy:
With all the fun games and physical activities, going to a camp can be a great way to get exercise. Playing is a powerful form of learning that contributes mightily to a child’s healthy physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development.

4. To Make New Friends and Learn Social Skills:
Camp encourages kids to relax and make friends. All the camp fun draws everyone together. They seem to be particularly good at helping children make friends and explore adventurous activities. In this tech-savvy world, camps cut back on distractions. That means, those prone to sitting and texting or playing video games are forced to get up and get moving

5. To Develop Intimacy with Nature:
Kids today spend much less time outdoors. The summer camp reconnects kids with nature. An outdoor experience will enrich your kids’ perception of the world. Direct contact with nature stimulates all of a child’s senses and also facilitates learning. Camps are perfect settings for making children aware of nature. It also helps in developing nature based outdoor skills. There is not much scope to walk around in natural environs, so at camps, the very act of constantly being in the midst of nature, makes you fit on a day-to-day basis.

What do you think? Is summer camp great for kids?


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