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Aqua Play With Kids

Aqua Play:

Utilise old newspapers and help your little one create a fish collage.

What we need:

• Old newspapers

• A thin blue paper

• Black sketch pen

• Scissors

• Adhesive

How to Make:

Step 1: For the background, draw a line of waves across the top of a large piece of thin blue paper (gift wrap works well).

Step 2: Crunch the paper tightly into a ball. Then, smooth it out and fix it on another piece of blue paper.

Step 3: In order to make a group of fish, cut a strip of paper from an old newspaper. Fold it into half several times and draw a fish on it.

Step 4: Now, cut out the fish through all the layers of the newspaper. Paste them on the background, all facing the same way.

– Shark:

Cut out a shark from a newspaper. Paint white teeth and draw black gills on its side.

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