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Best Games For Kids

Just ban the boredom and fill your tiny tot’s day with some fun-filled interesting games. It will help your child’s physical development and enable them to be more active, move with confidence and control, and encourage learning. Keep your tiny tot active!

Here are 5 fun ways for your little one to create, explore and PLAY!

1.      Please Don’t Stop the Music:

You can play the music and dance together, holding each others’ hands. You can also set some instructions if you want. This game helps in developing a sense of rhythm. Toddlers involved in singing, dancing or any other musical activities have better ability to focus and have higher self-esteem. Try to interact with them in different ways and encourage interaction through talking, singing and playing.

2.      Catch Me If You Can!

Kids love to be chased. Just like peek-a-boo. It is a great game for building up your kid’s stamina and stimulating childhood development.

It also helps in building important skills. And by running behind your kids, you will also take the fitness route and lose some pounds on the way.

3.      Roll It To Me!

You can play, catch and throw with your little tot. The soft foam balls are all time favorites for toddlers. This game is ideal for building arm muscle strength and hand-eye coordination. It also helps them in tracking objects and is good for eye strength. You can throw a foam ball towards your baby and ask them to catch the ball. Balls are soft, unbreakable, long lasting and they don’t require batteries.

4.      Sand-and-Water Play:

For some extra fun and giggles, involve your tot in something creative. Toddlers love to shape and mould objects. It’s so engaging that it creates a dynamic environment, which supports cognitive development. Sand is found outdoors, but it can also be brought inside. This activity promotes physical and cognitive development.

5.      Building Blocks:

This is an imaginative play as it helps in stretching imagination. Let your child come up with its own new creative and unique ideas. Sorting objects in shape can help your toddler develop problem solving skills and improve motor skills. Kids can use blocks, create anything like a figure or build buildings, construct roadways and even whole towns. If kids can imagine it, they can build it using blocks.

Engage and involve your kid in some fun-filled interesting games. To keep your little one more active, and to encourage learning, Parents India brings you 5 best games for kids. It’s surely the best way for your tiny tot to create, explore and play.


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