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Caring For Your Child’s Hair

It is usually difficult to convince your child to wash, oil and detangle his/her hair. Every parent wants their child to have a have healthy, bouncy hair. But often children want to ape fashion styles and it is difficult to convince them. Here is how to maintain shiny hair:


Oiling: Oil massage is an old Indian tradition. A well oiled mane (massage) helps promote blood circulation to the brain. Plus, it keeps the hair shiny. You can heat some oil in the microwave before massaging it to the roots. Oil your child’s mane every Sunday with olive, baby or mustard (excellent for dandruff) oil. Though coconut oil is good for the hair many parents complain it leads to dandruff. Check your kid’s scalp for any signs of dandruff if you use coconut oil.

Hygiene: Kids follow hair hygiene by example. So if your baby sees you washing and brushing your hair regularly, they will also do it. Wash your kid’s hair thrice or twice a week if he is active in sports or you live in a city. A bit less if you stay in a suburban area or your child doesn’t go out to play. But do not use a conditioner, a child’s hair doesn’t need all that extra care.

Brush: Tangles are the number one reason most Indian girls have short hair. To avoid it, brush your little one’s hair often. Also use a small amount of serum or oil to keep it tangle free.

Hair issues: Nits, lice and dandruff are issues every school goer faces. But using those smelly medicated shampoos and oils is even more difficult. Tell your child the need for hygiene and why it’s necessary to clear out dandruff and lice.

Styling products: All children want to emulate hair styles from film stars. Be it SRK’s Ra.One spike look or Kareena’s long coloured tresses, your child will always want to style their hair. But keep styling products to a minimum.

Haircuts and trims: Cutting and trimming is very important for hair growth and a manageable mane. Get your children’s hair trimmed every 45 days or sooner if the need be. Tell the stylist to keep his/her out of the eyes. Always get a manageable cut done.

Caring For Your Child’s Hair routine from childhood ensures shiny, bouncy mane as an adult.


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