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Stamp collection
Stamps aren’t just a payment for your letter to be taken from one place to another; they are a learning experience which you can go through with your child.

–           By bhavneet

I have always found stamps very fascinating. There’s nothing like holding that tiny piece of printed paper in your hand and knowing that there is a powerful story behind the image on it. While many self-proclaimed philatelists look upon collecting stamps as a mere hobby, not many are conversant with what makes it interesting—the basic purpose of the activity—the endless quest for knowledge. In this age of Internet liberation, everything is available at the end of a few keystrokes. Earlier, what used to make the hobby more interesting was the physical research it involved. Going to libraries, hunting through newspapers and asking the old-timers, every aspect of the research made stamp collection an interesting hobby. Even today, you can get a feel of the old days of stamp collecting, especially on a rainy day, if you are stuck inside and have a hyper active kid on your hands. Here’s how compile his Interest..

Bring out your old stamp collection and let your little one have a look through it for a bit
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Dust out the old collection:

I am sure you must be cooped up at home and your child must be getting bored with nothing to help him expend all his pent-up energy. So, how do you get the child to sit at one place quietly and generate his interest in it? If you are an ardent stamp collector yourself, bring out your old stamp collection and let him look through it for a bit. Sooner or later, some specific stamps will catch his eye and he’ll get curious and start asking questions about it. Talk to him, tell him all that you know and if need be, look up to Google for the answers.

That’s exactly what I did with my eight-year-old. It was a dark rainy day when I dusted out my stamp collection comprising about eight stock albums. As he started flipping through it, he spotted one stamp from Mongolia, which had a dinosaur on it. And, he was hooked. He began asking me all kinds of questions about why the country had put the triceratops on the stamp, about the country, what kind of people lived there and so on.

Pretty soon, over the next couple of weeks, he asked me a thousand questions about different countries and different topics. Now, it has come to such a pass that I can almost never get my hands on the laptop when both of us are at home because he’s busy poring over the web, hunting out stuff on some stamp or the other.


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