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Stamp collection
Stamps aren’t just a payment for your letter to be taken from one place to another; they are a learning experience which you can go through with your child.

–           By bhavneet

I have always found stamps very fascinating. There’s nothing like holding that tiny piece of printed paper in your hand and knowing that there is a powerful story behind the image on it. While many self-proclaimed philatelists look upon collecting stamps as a mere hobby, not many are conversant with what makes it interesting—the basic purpose of the activity—the endless quest for knowledge. In this age of Internet liberation, everything is available at the end of a few keystrokes. Earlier, what used to make the hobby more interesting was the physical research it involved. Going to libraries, hunting through newspapers and asking the old-timers, every aspect of the research made stamp collection an interesting hobby. Even today, you can get a feel of the old days of stamp collecting, especially on a rainy day, if you are stuck inside and have a hyper active kid on your hands. Here’s how compile his Interest..

Bring out your old stamp collection and let your little one have a look through it for a bit
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Introduce letter writing: In this age of email, not many kids experience the pleasures of receiving a letter. Introduce your child to letter writing. If there’s a post office near your house, take your child to it and show him how letters are sorted out and how, using just the pin code, the postman can identify which area the letter has to reach. Once that is done, show him how to buy stamps, first-day covers and add to his collection. But what will leave him enchanted will be the idea of actually sitting down and writing a letter on a piece of paper, putting it in an envelope, licking and sticking the stamp and actually posting it. A few days later, as and when he receives a reply letter (you can become a pen-pal for him or hunt for pen pals on the Internet), watch him open the letter gingerly, making sure that the envelope or the stamp doesn’t tear. Once he’s done reading it, he’ll probably add the stamp to his collection. Teach him how to do it (leave it in warm water for a couple of minutes, the adhesive will come off and you can remove the stamp with a pair of tongs).
Take your child to the post office and show him how letters are sorted out and how by just using the pin code, the postman can identify which area the letter has to reach


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