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Healthy Food for Kids

Be it fruits, green veggies or even milk – most kids hate to consume some foods. Check out, how you can get them to eat all you want and when you want. Here is how to get your kids hooked to healthy food:

  • Don’t announce the menu: Kids like to stick to tried and tested foods. She will automatically associate something new with something disgusting. So don’t make a big deal about it. Just put it on the plate and let her discover it on her own.
  • Make it fun: Take out time to make the food look appealing. How about a melted chocolate on paranthas? Or idlis cut out in smiley faces? Even adding ketchup or cheese or just hiding the good sabzis by rolling up it up in the roti in the shape of a kebab does the trick.

Kids Food

  • Suit her taste: If she likes pizza, add tomatoes and vegetable toppings. For cakes, try adding strawberries and apples. And if you’re making chicken nuggets, make them with whole grain bread crumbs. Opt for whole grain/atta noodles instead of maida.
  • Talk nutrition: Tell her if she wants to grow tall she must eat her greens. She wouldn’t care about obesity or cholesterol but if you tell her she’ll get enough energy to play all evening by consuming nutritious food, then she will sit up and listen.
  • Lead the way: If kids see you snacking on fruits instead of chips and eating salads instead of pizzas, they too will follow the way.

Kids take time to develop a new taste. Your persistent will pay in the long run!


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