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How to tame that temper tantrum

Show some love: Sometimes the temper tantrums are a way of grabbing the parent’s attention. So hug your lil’ one till the time the sobbing stops.

Keep calm: Keep yourself calm when your child is in the tantrum mode. Yelling will not solve the problems. Remember, the more you yell or scold your children, the more fussy they will get.Temper-tantrums-freedigitalphotos_teaser

Sing: Sing nursery rhymes or play some catchy music. The idea is to divert the attention of your toddler. Singing or music calms down the crying part. But do not make television a way of handling temper because your child might start throwing fake tantrums to get ample TV time!

Take him elsewhere: Take your child to the other room or take him outside. A different room, environment can divert his attention and stop the incessant wailing.

Let him be: If all else fails, let your child vent out his anger by crying alone. Tantrums are a part of growing up.

Don’t give in: Remember that by giving in to your child’s temper tantrum, you will have to start giving in to unreasonable demands. The child needs to understand and accept that screams plus tears are not going to help.

Temper tantrums are a part of growing up. Parents, remain calm and wait for your little one to grow out of this phase.



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