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Second Child Comes

To make your child “sibling-fit”:

The firstborn was previously the undisputed center of the family, it will have to share the love, time and attention of adults with the new baby. A parent needs to prepare the little one for this ‘shift’. You can hide your pregnancy but it is not ideal as children can usually sense early on, that something has changed in the family. And some respond with anger, defiance and denial.

• The right time for announcing the good news, plays a major role. One and two year olds have no sense of time, so it is enough to tell them a few weeks before the due date of the new arrival.

• Stay up to the truth and describe the baby as realistic: hungry, crying, diaper bundles and not as a playing companion. This avoids big disappointment.

• Dig into the past and tell your elder one what you did when he arrived.

• A baby doll with accessories “to practice” makes almost all the children enjoy.

• The father is now playing an important role: habits and rituals that he should exercise after the birth of the second one. He can take over now – for example, the night reading sessions and taking the elder one to school.

• Dethroned firstborn needs new caregivers: grandma or grandpa, neighbours or friends: Brief someone who can quickly be there to comfort him, or bring them to the playground.

• Children cope with only one big change all at once. It is therefore not a good idea to relocate or to start kindergarten near the younger ones birth.


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