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Is Your Child Friendly With Your Pet?

Every kindergarten kid has a dog or cat they would like to own. But if you do indulge your child with a pet, make sure you explain that the pet is their responsibility. This is true even during vacations. But before you get a pet, consider a few things so that it does not end up in an animal shelter.

  • Are you sure your child needs a pet? Often, the demand for a pet or cuddly animal disguises a desire for attention and affection.
  • Your child must learn to handle the animal. Small cats are not house trained and puppies need to be raised
  • Sometimes, a child’s interest in a pet is short-lived. If this happens, be prepared to take care of the pet yourself.
  • With a pet at home, there’s loads more work to be done: a litter box to clean, food shopping, skin care, regular walks, etc. Some children take pleasure in performing these chores but if your’s doesn’t, you will have to do the job.
  • If on holiday, will a neighbour feed your cat or dog or will grandma take care of him?

What you should know about different animal species

Some animals are nocturnal, some need a lot of exercise while still others are difficult to tame. Here’s something to think about while choosing a pet.

  • For a bird cage, an apartment is not appropriate
  • Fish care is a science. It takes a lot to maintain an aquarium.
  • Cats are very stubborn and have a mind of their own. But they are easier to look after than dogs and do not need constant attention.
  • Dogs can be excellent playmates if they are good-natured and well behaved. But dogs vary considerably in their nature. They also need a lot of care and attention.

So help your kid befriend your pet. You sure would love it.


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