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Packing List For Babies And Toddlers

For the road

• Blanket or stuffed animal
• Bottleteaser
• Pacifiers
• Diapers and panties for change
• Wet wipes or washcloths
• Warm socks and a sweater or jacket (additional)
• Favourite toy
• 1-2 Picture books
• Radio plays, music
• Milk powder and thermos with hot water
• Or fruit juice for kids
• depending on the age of fruit and vegetable jars for a meal
• Biscuits or the like to nibble
• Paper towel to wipe
• Bib
• Bottle of water
• Child’s passport, visa (if necessary)
• First aid kit

For the stay

• Diapers you may carry a potty pot if you are going by car
• sufficient milk powder and baby food
• Bottle brush
• Herb or fennel
• Travel cot (if the destination does not exist)
• possibly linen
• Pajamas
• Orientation light for the night
• any music box
• any baby monitor
• Travel Adapter for electric appliances
• Mosquito net
• Buggy (if not available on rentteaser)
• Adequate clothing and underwear
• Travel detergent
• Shoes, Sandals
• Rainwear or rain cover for strollers
• Swimwear
• Water wings
• Towel and linen
• Echinacea
• Sunglasses may
• Headgear for cold and wind
• Skin care products including sunscreens
• Children’s toothbrush
• Toys
• Provide health insurance for abroad
• Vaccination
• Copies of passports and documents
• Emergency numbers of the holiday country


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