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Plan Your Baby’s First Birthday

A Baby’s First Birthday is also a special day for the proud mother. Just follow these simple tips to ensure you to have as much fun and keep stress at bay.

Before the party

Cut down the guest list: Give priority to couples with kids. It’s a child’s birthday party, after all! Keep the guest list small to include family and close friends. This way you won’t have to entertain a large crowd and can keep your attention on your child.

Plan the time: Most babies become cranky in the evenings. Best time of the day to hold a party is when your baby is well rested and happy, usually right after a nap. Otherwise, there will be a lot of crying and tantrums.

Keep it simple: It’s the first birthday, so luckily you won’t have to arrange a magic show and an inflatable bouncy castle. Just put out some toys and play her favourite songs – that’s all the entertainment you need.

Plan in Advance

1 month before: Make your guest list and announce your party plan to them through either mail or phone call.

2 weeks before: Order all the party paraphernalia. Shop for two outfits for your kid – one fancy for the pictures and the other when the first dress is soiled with the cake and chips!

1 week before: Select the cake. Best is to ask the shop to deliver the cake the night before the birthday, as during the planning rush, you might just forget picking up the cake. Happens a lot!

3 days before: Finalise the guest list and call people who haven’t confirmed yet.

2 days before: Charge the camera so that the batteries don’t die out when it’s time to cut the cake! Shop for quick bites such as chips, colas, sandwiches and fries. Don’t forget to pick the birthday candle!

1 day before: Start your baking if you are planning on it. Set up decorations once your baby sleeps.

Party day!

Pick up extra paper plates/spoons/cups in the morning in case you are short. Keep the candles, match, cake knife and camera ready.

Let the party begin and enjoy!

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