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Tips for flying with toddlers

Flight attendants are frequently in the air so they know a thing or two more than you when it comes to travelling with babies. Here are some things they wish you knew and understood.

Safety: This comes first. Everyone loves a cute and playful child, but if he starts running around the plane throwing about things and disturbing other passengers, there can be consequences for him and your entire family.

No milk: Most airlines don’t stock milk. So remember to carry your own bottle and formula to feed the toddler.

Follow the rules: If your kid has to potty just when the plane is about to take off, an exception is not going to be made for you. Keep a plan B ready. A diaper is a good substitute. Whatever is your plan, you cannot flout the seatbelt sign.

Treat attendants with respect: They are also doing their day jobs. They are not onboard to entertain your child and clean up his mess. Make sure you treat them with respect and do as they tell you.

With these simple tips, flying with a toddler can be fun – both for the mother and the flight attendants.


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