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Tips for swimming with children

Children can enjoy in the water once they learn how to swim. Early beginners have it easy later in life. But how do you make your baby a safer swimmer? An early start is not mandatory, but useful. Find out what is appropriate at what age:

1-3 years

From one to three years, children understand water in special courses. The mini-courses are called ‘water habit’ or ‘infant swimming’ and are now offered in many places. In small groups, children – usually in the presence of their parents – get playfully familiar with the basic elements of whether water is splashing or drifting with floating slices. The confidence of one to three year olds grows with each class. Soon, they learn to jump in and let go of mom or dad. Safety in water is the main achievement and can be lifesaving. Normally, children, unprepared to plop into the water, stiffen and sink. If they are accustomed to the water, they feel comfortable and enjoy soaking in.

Most children towards the end of a course learn to cover a few meters with simple swimming strokes. It is important that parents pay attention to the following:

• Keep a lot of body contact with the child.
• Practice and play without pressure.
• The child must not be forced to jump, dive or swim free.
• It’s reasonable to take buoyancy aids.

4 years and above

At four years, children can attend a swimming class as they can learn proper swimming strokes. Some courses take children only over five years of age. Most swimming lessons begin with a few hours of getting used to water.

After about 10 lessons, almost all children can swim a 25-meter track alone. Parents who want to go with the child to the classes should consider the following:

• Be sure to start in a pool where the child can be safe.
• The practice should not be at long intervals, preferably twice a week for more than a quarter of an hour should be enough, unless the child wants to remain in the water.

The more fun they have learning, the faster these children get comfortable swimming.


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