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    There are many Preschool chains in India. And it is noticed by many parents that although a particular Preschool, as a brand is great, but it’s not necessary it’s franchisee in their locality is equally good.
    Infrastructure, Teaching standards and other things differ from franchisee to franchisee. And parents realize this after their kid is admitted into the school or through other parents experiences.

    So, how would parents search and discover (pre)Schools in their locality which are suited and best for their childs development?
    How can a parent know whether the (pre)School they know off has necessary licenses to run the school, What are the Teachers qualifications, What is the Teacher to Child ratio, Infrastructure, Teaching model, Fee…and many other things which are critical to know before joining their kid into a (pre)School.

    Is there a need for a central application or website which will deliver all these details in one place for every franchisee of every (pre)School and do an independent review of the schools, which can help parents in choosing a school for their child?


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    Ahaana Shishir

    Preschools should be near to home as the kids are too young to take the stress of traveling. Inquiring locally and looking for same at google will help


    Kalyani Agarwal

    Ideally in India, preschool admission process start from the month of October onward. List down the preschools which are nearby your location with good reputation and search for their admission form submission dates. You will get the details on Google. All the preschools offer online application making it easy for parents to apply. Follow the admission procedure and wait for results.
    Now the main thing is how do you find out about the reputation of the preschool. Firstly, read online reviews of the preschool so that you can get a good idea of their education quality, infrastructure. I have seen parents asking opinion from existing students’ parents. That would be best if you personally visit some parents and ask their opinion.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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