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    Simba Sharma

    Vacations have started and its time to celebrate and relax throughout the holidays. But before starting the holidays I have planned to take a makeover for my self. In past experiences, I have realized changing a few style of clothing and a new haircut does it all. But this year I would also like to try a new hair makeover, which I am sure many, wants.

    But before trying anything I would love to share that read the hair color tips and ideas by Godrej Expert professionals share at their website. They have a wide range of hair color for men and women that is safe and long lasting. They suggest the best hair color for black hair, dark skin, fair skin what we Indians generally have. It has videos that guide how to color hair at home.

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    Sunita Sharma

    Lovely hair colour ideas. In fact, I like pre-measured sachets of Godrej Expert, as they are easy to use and one can use it even in hurry(which almost all of us are) Before a party, wedding or function it is the best hair colour that gives quick grey coverage. I always keep a pouch or two at home. It is inexpensive, hassle-free, lasts longer and protect my hair, I too would suggest to use this hair colour for men and women.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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