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    Heya people
    Had a discussion with my friend about Preschools in Mumbai.
    I have admitted my kids with Eurokids and had a good experience with it. Like in terms of understanding and new concepts, I think the team is doing really well.
    Just want to know which school does your child go to and what’s your experience with the school and teachers? Better worse? How has your child improved in a specific way? Is there a change in behavior or a particular habit that the school has helped the child pick.
    please give your inputs.



    Hi Joshua,

    I too have admitted my child with eurokids and am really happy with my choice. They really take good care of kids and teah them well. which branch doe syour child go to?



    My child goes to Beehive which is a part of Garodia Education my experience with them has been very good. They use smart teaching methods which are very interactive and engrossing for the children and help them learn quickly. The ambience is quite good as well with lots of books, toys, games and puzzles available. I recommend Beehive to those who are looking to get their kids admitted to a preschool.


    Jenson Hart

    Preschool is a period where you should start sharing a good bonding with your child because this age has a great impact on their further life, one good option is to play some good games with them, You can try “Conservation Crisis – The Game” which is a platform where they aware children wildlife conservation and is also great for parents bonding with their child.


    Simba Sharma

    You can google or find the best preschool where you stay at mycity4kids website gives the best and verified suggestions

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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