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    My baby is 22 months old and I think may be something is missing . He is yet to speak a proper meaningful word and doesn’t point to anything when we say at all . Below are few things I listed .I am worried sick! Should I take help of some therapy ?

    Does ::

    1) Babbles word on his own . Gibberish not meaningful

    2) Plays on his own

    3) Draws lines with crayons ( Just started )

    4) Claps hand if we do

    5) Loves to walk in circle many times sometimes it gets alarming .

    6) Plays hide and Seek

    7) Tries to wear his shoes

    8) Sometimes fold his hands if say namo namo.

    9) absolutely can hear and speak ( not specific words though )

    Does Not ::

    1) Points out to anything particular when asked like where is dad

    2) Looks back at who is calling by his name but sometimes not at all. Not sure if he understand we are calling him.

    3) No meaningful word as of now.

    4) Doesn’t understand any object or reciprocates when he is told this is ball or this is fish

    5) When something is taught he doesn’t concentrate or just acts shy .

    6) No constructive play yet. Like put a ring on the ring holder or try to create a stack .



    Same question.. anyone reply



    Hi dear,,some babies are late bloomers they learn and respond at a later stage. They are normal and in most of the cases have nothing to worry about but there are sometimes developmental leaps and my niece is one of such kid that started responding and picking up things and achieved milestones very slowly. However, in some cases children do need some treatment.Well, i would like to suggest, if your child’s motor development is extremely delayed then it is good to consult your pediatrician as it may be a sign of neurological disorder.


    Jenson Hart

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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